Our Aims include:

  • Being dedicated to making good men better and to developing our knowledge of ourselves as individuals and the world around us through education, discussion and social exchange
  • Making proper use of our time, dividing it between worship, work, leisure and service, thus making the best use of our mental and physical abilities
  • Using our talents for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our neighbours and our communities throughout our private, public business and professional life
  • Behaving towards others as we would have them behave towards us
  • Being constructive in our approach to life and uphold the importance of the welfare and independence of everyone
  • Admission of members from every ethnic group in the world
  • Respecting the ideals and beliefs of others and endeavour to behave with kindness and understanding to all
  • Considering charity as being goodwill to all. We care not only for fellow Masons and their families, but also for the community as a whole
  • Raising money for charitable purposes only from our own members, not from the general public
  • Giving as generously as our wealth will allow and through voluntary work in the community